So with the realise of Unity Production Twenty Twelve teaser, came the art work behind the movie. I was able to snag the cover for the box, and am really stoked with it. This shot was taken of George Walton on our trip in Poland in January. Its turned out to be one of my favourite photos of the season, for a number of reason. As i said this was taken on our trip to Poland, which was a super rad trip and like always I had a fun time there and was really able to progress my artistry quickly whilst on this trip.

Secondly getting this photo taught me a lesson. The night before shooting this feature i went out on a wild one and was super hung over the next day, I ended up leaving my connection cables back in the hostile, which meant I only had my strobe to light this photo. Normally I use a lot of flashes to light a photo up, so I pretty much decided that nothing was going to come out of this, I was too hung over and only had two flashes. But i played around with it tried a couple of different angles that diet really work out when I found this angle, to shoot the last hit of the session. Me and George was super happy about the outcome and stoke to have it as the cover.

A little update on what else is going on, autumn is nearly here so momentum for the new season is building, with a few events around the UK and of cause the Twenty Twelve film premieres through out October. Just starting to update my website so should have that done in a few weeks so keep your eyes out. Till next time peace.


Hey it is after a long winter traveling with the guys from Unity Productions from the streets of poland to the mountains In Livigno and everything in-between. Rob Embling has finally dropped the trailer for this years film check the full trailer our HERE

So I haven’t really been posting a lot over the summer, not a lot of has been going on, I’ve been working super hard on a few new projects from next year which I’m pretty stoked on. But in terms of shooting, it’s been quiet, but it is summer and I and in the UK what you expect.

After out private shoot at MK in may it all went quiet, with the disappointment of the Scotland trip being cancelled. On the last weekend of July me and Rob Packed up the car and headed up north for a couple of private shoots.

Our first shoot of the weekend was at stoke, a dryslope with a load of character and characters about, had a really fun time at this shoot, was good getting back into shooting.

We then headed over to Tamworth, I haven’t been to for a couple of years so it was good to visit again. Check out the full write up of our trip to Stoke on the Unity-Prouctions website HERE with a few more shots from the night.

Quick Pic 11


Its been a long time since the last quick pic, this weekend i was meant to to in scotland shooting with Unity-Productions for the UK segment in this years film Twenty/12. but because a lot of riders pulled out we had to cancel the trip. so heres a photo from the first and last time tat i was in scotland, on my first trip with Unity. Enjoy!

Summer Sessions


So my winter is now very much over, my editting finish, and my submissions mostly sent. Summer time!!! For most this means relaxing after a long season, for myself and the guys at Unity-Production, it gives us a chance to gather the last few shots for this years up and coming movie. Over the last month the UK riders have slowly been making their way back home, giving us a chance to get everyone together for a few private indoor/dryslope shoots.

Our first shot was a Castleford SnoZone, where they had built us a pretty rad little set up, with a down rail, down flat down and an up rail.

Everyone killed it and got some nice shots for the film, myself on the other hand had a shocker!!! I hate shooting in snow domes theres restrictions on what you can do, theres no backdrop and it just kind of annoys. Then it just started to get worst, when my pocket wizards decided to stop working every now and again and of course some one took one of my flashes out mid way through the night. In all it was the most frustrating shoot i have ever been on.

A couple of week later I found myself getting ready for another snow dome shoot and not feeling stoked about it. This shoot was a Milton Keynes and I wasn’t expecting much to come out of this shoot, but this dome had a lot more potential.

I had to keep everything super basic on the lighting, with only one flash gun and my strobe left to shoot with and it worked out a hell of a lot better, no cock ups it went pretty smoothly.


A few weeks ago I had an interview with Jamie Lawson about my season, Its ended up on downdays, along with some B-rolley photos. I’m pretty stoked about this, check it out here;

A few weeks ago I made my way home, after a few amazing months in Europe, I was able to travel to some really cool places and met a lot of awesome people along the way. As an artist it has been a pretty successful season. I can see a massive leap in the quality of my work and every shoot I learnt something new and I was able to develop my style a lot. Now that my season is over, it is time to see if my business side was as successful. In the past year I have been working a lot with Unity-Productions on covering events and feature write ups, check all my work here 

I read something that Nate Abbott said, it basically said, whether these photos pays the bills or not, I will always cherish as a documentation of my life. And looking at my own outtakes I can say that I feel blessed to be a photographer, for this reason, so here is some photos from my season that explains my life, where I have been what I have seen and who I  have met along the way.

So now for summer time, I have a few personal projects that I want to work on myself, as well as some private shoots around the UK with Unity Productions. Black Label Project has been growing more over the past 6 months so I will also be putting a lot of work into that with everyone, so I’m pretty stoked but still counting the days till next year.

Ok so absoult progression finished last week and ive been waiting to post this, but I wanted to wait till the judging was over, so here we are.

Because of the bad weather we had experienced the event organizers agreed to adding a fourth day.  We had great weather for this day, which allowed everyone to take advantage of the jumps available.

The judging was split into two sections, special judging, who selected the top ten edits and public votes. Each team was given points from the judges, based on riding skills and creativity and quality of the movie.

The overall winners from the event were n the Polski team and Freeski-Crew with two great edits, who tied on points after the public voting.

So the third day pretty much started off like the first two day, with crappy weather. I had pretty much called it a day when the sky started to clear and it turned out to be a pretty nice day.

The rest of the day I spent shooting in the rails at in the top park. I got some cool shots.  The event was meant ot finish today but because of the bad weather on the first two days the event has been extended another day so I get to shoot some more tomorrow, pretty stoked about that.

So the second day of Absolut Progression has finished, not much to really say. I arrived a little late yesterday to find the conditions was pretty poor, it was super foggy and last night it started to dump it down. Today hasn’t got any better, so haven’t really been able to get anything done. Hopefully the weather will clear up a little so we should be able to get shooting.