So it’s been two months since I last updated my blog, been too busy with course work, yeah right. I thought that I would bring you up to date with my latest work and what I’ve been up to. So two month since my last post, two months into my second year of college and two projects done. My first project was cityscapes, not my favourite gender of photography, but something challenging, to make creative. My second project gave me a lot more freedom to do what I wanted to . The topic was portraits and fashion; the photos would then have to be able to be put into a double two page magazine spread. I was pretty stuck at first with ideas, as I didn’t want to do an obvious topic like a standard fashion shoot, I wanted to do something a bit original, something that no one else would do. I finally came up with an idea, i was going to shoot a skier and a photographer, this could be put into a skiing magazine as a riders profile or something.

 p (2)

For my test shot I had help from my friend Luke, pictures, I just tried the one setup, due to pushed time. For this I used the Elichrom flash heads and power pack. I used four head, one either side of Luke, without any soft boxes, I wanted a harsh light here, these where both set to f/ 16, then another head on a boom with I think a 70x70cm softbox, directly in front of Luke, raised a bit this was set to f/11. The last flash head was behind the camera it was a large octagon soft box, set to f/ 8, just to add some fill. After a while I stopped using the large soft box behind the camera, as I felt it made the photo too flat. The photo was shot at 250/1s at f/16.

For the actual photo shoot I used a Hasselblad P30 with a digital phase 1 back, hooked up to an apple mac what was processing the images in capture one.  For the first three photos I used a similar light set up to the test shoot however I upped the exposure on the soft box on the boom.



The fist model, went fine, it was when I got to the second model, that the problems started to come, without touching the light set up the images started to come out really flat, no matter where I moved them to the outcome was the same this started to get me really frustrated and I was ready to stop I changed the light set up once more, I moved the soft box on the boom, directly above the model looking down, then had one head to the right of the model slightly in front of him and another on the left side at a low angle looking up at a lower exposure. This light set up worked great; I created a dark and dramatic feel that I wanted. Then another problem occurred, due to my frustration at myself I took my eye off the ball my model moved without me noticing what meant that most of the images that I shoot with this model where slightly out of focus, what really sucked, so now I have to reshoot sometime next before the deadline.




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