A night of rain and flat tyres


So basically I’ve just bought a whole lot of new equipment, and the plan was to go on an urban session with a few friends to try it out. So on Friday everything was set up for a night of riding, I had my new camera, lens and flash guns in my bag, when I went to get my BMX out, when I found myself with a flat tyre. Not the best start to a night. I shortly after got a text staying that it had started to rain, and that it had been called off. Shortly after that Chris rang me up saying come to Dorking anyway, as him and Kile was still going to ride.

So I got to Dorking and it was still raining, pretty badly. We went to a little wall ride close to the station, where Chris found out his tyre was flat, which left only Kile riding. So I set up my lighting, I only brought three flash guns because I couldn’t fit my other one in my bag. So I used a pretty basic setup, one flash from behind the rider, another to the right of him and one behind me, for a fill. So I connected my vivitar 285hv flash guns to my pocket wizards, using interfit strobies hotshoe to light stand adapters. I bought four of these, as they seemed a good idea, however I had experienced trouble with them in a practice shoot, and knew that one was totally f****ed, however the other three seemed to work ok. So I was ready, just needed to get a test shot, and only one flash went off, one and a half hotshoes were f***ed, I say half because one worked when it felt like it. We work out that if you held the pc cable at a certain angle it would flash.


For the wall ride session I was shooting at 200/1 at f/11. We ended up only using two flashes for the night as we couldn’t get the third one to connect with the hotshoe. On some of the photos where the second flash didn’t go off, I felt made it a bit more dramatic.

he second spot was in a business park, what was totally deserted. It was a little curb, where Kile was nose manualing it. My first light set up was pretty amateur; I really don’t like photos when you can see the flash, so blatantly. I had one flash from the side of Kile and another in front of him. The second setup was a bit better just one in front and one behind him, this sport had better things to use in terms of composition but it was harder to light up.


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