Sweden was about the people we met on the way?


All week we’ve met new people along the way, some really cool people. Most of the people here speak English what makes our lives a lot easier, the Swedish are always helpful. A funny story was on Tuesday I spent the whole day in the park, I then went and met Nick in the bar, in which he had been in for 4 hours. Once in the bar we stayed for another half hour, not knowing that the last bus was at 2:30. By the time we finished at the bar it was about 3, after realising that we missed the last bus we started our long hike down the winding roads, a 4 kilometre walk, we got 10 minutes down the road carrying our skis and walking in our ski boots before we were ready to give up and wait for the bus in the morning. We struggled for another 5 minutes before some Swedish girls pulled up and gave us a lift back to town.

While I was over in Sweden I met up with two guys that I met on Newschoolers,  Vebjørn Gjervan and Espen Rokne, I planned to have a photo shoot with them in the park. They drove from Norway to meet up and slay some boxes. At first I got a little bit stressed at my flashes as I had been in the jump section in the morning using all four of my flashes and they were all working, I packed up and skied down to the rail section where I met Vebjørn Gjervan and Espen Rokne. When I set up my lighting they just would not flash. So I changed the pocket wizards around and it still was not working, I then taped the cables in and this started to make a difference (always take tape with you). As one flash started to work I then changed one of the flash guns as I was only using three flashes, and changed the batteries for the last one this seemed to get them all working.

The light set up was pretty basic I only used three flashes, as I didn’t want to put too much light in such a small area and make the photo flat. From the top of the box I had two flashes either side of it, one on the left side set at f/22 and the other on the right side set at f/8, to fill, I had another flash at the bottom of the box on the left side set at f/16. My camera was set at 1/250 second at f/8 using an ISO of 100.


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