Sweden was about the travels?


Sweden was about the travels?

So the day had finally arrived, 17th January. Our flight was at 7 so we had to get to the airport for 5 in the morning which meant an early rise. I was flying out with my mate Nick as my other friend Chris bailed on me. So my bags were packed, I decided to pack all of my equipment, so I had my canon 7d body, my 70-200mm IS lens,  15mm fisheye lens, 15-85mm standard lens, four 285 vivitar flash guns, 6 pocket wizards, one tripod, four light stands and a handful of cables and batteries.

At 5am I met Nick at Heathrow airport to start our long journey to Sweden. When we got to the airport we checked our bags in and went through security, where we realise that nowhere was open except Café Nero. So we went and got something to eat with a hot chocolate, which has been the best meal we’ve had all week for certain reasons. We finally got to the gate after a long walk only to wait there for 45 minutes as someone had closed the planes door with no one on it RETARDED. Once on the plane after a long delay we then sat on the plane for a further hour before we took off.


We landed two and a half hours later at Ostersund after some banter and an onboard meal that exploded on me, great. So we finally got to Sweden an hour and 45 minutes late, it took another 45 minutes to get in to Are where we were staying, where upon arrival we realise that we were staying in Duved, 9 km from anywhere. Great. 


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