A bad month


So I haven’t really been doing alot since I got back from Sweden, my bank balance got raped with charges of internet and what not while i was out there, so during February  I decided to knuckle down with college work, but that didn’t really happen. I didn’t really get out shooting February I only got out a couple of time, due to my money problems. The days I did get to go riding, it was pretty wet, what made riding next to none, added to a split rim, life was pretty hard. Here are some of the photos I took on a quick, wet session at Dorking west.

So what’s new in my life, not much really. Unfortunately I’m not going skiing again this winter what sucks, a lot, but summers just round the corner, and getting my new bike what I’m stoked on, and just looking forward to the next year starting to plan for next season already so should be good. I finish college in a few months so that’s another good sign. O yer I’ve got my website up and running now its www. harryfoskett.com  checks it out I’ll be updating it throughout the next couple of months.

I’ll leaveyou with some shoot take while i was at “college”


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