Quick pic


So let’s face it since my trip to Sweden, I have been finding it to write on my blog, mainly due to college work and just finding something new to shoot during my spare time. Now college is over with I have a lot more free time to do as I please. I’m going to be starting a new section on my blog sort of a photo of the week but it probably will be more like 2 weeks or whenever I have time this should get me more motivated to write.

So I will start off with a photo from Sweden, I’m not sure who the rider is. For this photo I used three vivitar flash guns connected with pocket wizards. This photo was taken on a Canon ESO 7D with a 8-85mm Canon lens, shot at 1/250 second at f/8 with an ISO of 100.


So now college is over what now? Well I’m looking forward to the next ski season. I have got in touch with a few ski companies and film crews and they seem to be stoked on meeting up so that looks promising. I’m defiantly going to Kläppen in Sweden to meet up with the Edoggo team for a shoot, check them out at edoggo


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