Quick Pic 2


Another quick pic this week, this one’s a bit more summery. On Tuesday I went to Teddington lock trails for a little session. The trails had three lines, this photo was taken on the bigger line. It is of Jonny Faulkner with a lovely tyre grab. For this photo I used three flashes all connected by Pocket Wizards. The first flash was on the over side of the landing, this was at full power, with tis flash I was just trying to separate him from the background a little bit. The second flash is on the right, at half power, I use my flashes at half power to create a shorter flash duration, the shorter the flash duration the less motion blur. The last flash was on a quarter power, I used this one to add a little fill in the jump and just to freeze the left side of Jonny.

This photo was shot on my canon 7D on ISO 125 1/250 second at F/6.3, I used my 70-200mm F/4 IS, I try and use this lens as much as I can, it is by far my favourite glass I have ever owned, it is so sharp and always creates a nice contrast when using it.


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