A Day At Kuoni


So about a week or so ago I got a phone call from my mate Chris asking me to go and session Kuoni, in Dorking. At first I wasn’t really going to go but after getting shouted at by the parents about some crap I soon decided to go, and I’m glad I did. Once I got into Dorking I met with Chris and we went to Kuoni, which I was empty, so I decided to stop being a bitch and hit some jumps, after a while some more people turned up. One of the riders that turned up was Bernard Kerr a Norco team rider. He was busting out some huge whips.

After Bernard had left I just messed around with my lighting on a smaller jump that everyone was hitting, I didn’t really think that anything would come out of it but I got some good shots, towards the end I decided to use some colour gels to back light the jump and it worked pretty well.


So what’s new I’m my life? Well at the end of August I’m meeting up with the guys at Unity Productions for a UK tour of the ski centres for some private shoots for there film The Daily Grind check it out its dropping in October looks pretty sick.


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