Quick Pic 5


So this is a photo from the Unity trip, I’m still not sure whats happening with the story but thisis a photo that i didn’t sumit so I guess I can share it with you guys. this photo was taken at Tamworth snowdome. So for this shoot we decided to have a wallride, and then we had some plans for later on, in the night. I have to say this was my first time shooting in a snowdome and it sucked so badly, the night before i got caught out in the rain with all my equipment, and i didnt think it was that cold in the dome but it messed with my pocket wizards so badly we were hitting this for about an hour and i must have only for 4 shots….. it sucked, this is the best shot i got from this feature.  what made my night even worst is that i didnt think that outside the dome would be warmer then inside the dome at 2 am, what made my night hell with condensation, if youve ever when from cold to hot you know what im talking about, try shooting with your lenses like that….. its shit. This photo was taken on my Canon 7D using my 15-85mm lens and four vivitar 285 flashes.

Skier: James woods

Specs: f/8,1/200,ISO 400.


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