Zakopane Wallride


So my first day in Poland, shooting was a pretty good day got some sick shots and set the trip off right. The crew had seen a nice down flat down rail that they wanted to hit that day what I was pretty stoked on,  before we went to hit the rail we stopped off at a train bridge, what the guys had hit a couple of years before. We planned to build a wall ride on a different part of the bridge which would work better. We spent a few hours shovelling and building, before allowing it to set, whilst we went to hit the hand rail. We returned the day after to add the finishing touches. I was pretty stoked on this feature, I love shooting wallrides. I got a load of photos that I was pretty stoked with from this feature, both action and lifestyle, got to wait till the end of the season to see if anything comes of them.

At the moment my lifes pretty hectic at the moment, ive got a trip on Friday which is only my second of the season which sucks…. what sucks even more if from my money situation it may be my last for the season, one thing’s for sure I can’t live in the UK and do my photography next year, so I’ve got to choose one…………. easy chose really. So at the moment I’m just trying to get everything together can’t wait for this trip. I’m shooting at O’Neil’s Czech Soldiers what I’m actually looking forward to haven’t shot on a jump for a while now and been trying some new stuff out at home so going to try shoot it as “artistic” as I can. Then after that I’m travelling round and building a backcountry kicker, then a shoot in Livigno. So hopefully have some more updates in the next month or so


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