London to Milan to Czech


So my journey started off at 2am Friday morning I was dropped off at the airport wearing 11 layers of t-shirts and a load of camera gear hidden in my jacket , causing my bags to be under weight for a change, so everything was fine…………. until I went through security. Obviously the security at Standstead have never seen a flash pack before, because soon enough I was in a room joined by men with guns while they tested my bag for explosives while they asked me stupid questions. Anyway once they let me go I had to check in my backpack in with all my camera gear in it, what sucked. I ended up taken most of my gear out and putting it into my already packed out jacket, just leaving my strobe pack in the bag. Once I got through security the second time around I had no time to spend in duty free, so no cheap alcohol for me then, soon enough I was on my flight and on my way to Italy.

I arrived in Milan at 9:15 a bit earlier than expected but once again my bags were the last to come out which left me standing on my own in an empty baggage collection hall for a good 20 minutes. I soon met up with Nathan and Tomo packed up the car and headed out on the road. With a long and cramped 10 hour drive. But things did not go as expected as the sat-nav started to drive us round and round Bergamo for a good hour or so, and that was just the start. A ten hour drive soon turned into a 15 hour drive, and the best part was………….the sat-nav took us to the wrong destination. By this time it was midnight and Tomo had been driving from 19 hours so we spent a night in the car knowing we still had a 3 and a half hour drive the next morning before the guys had to compete at the Czech freeski soldiers.


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