Busy Times in October


it was a busy few weeks in October time for myself, signs of the ski season are starting to show, it’s snowing in parts of Europe, for me back in London there’s defiantly no snow or even any real signs of winter. thankfully the ski scene has started to move a bit, October is defiantly the busiest month for me whilst in the UK. in the early weeks of October Unity Productions was on tour with their new movie Strictly Business, I was able to meet up with the crew at Hemel for a long catch up, shred and got to watch the movie so was pretty stoked on the night. the premier also gave me the chance to pick up the camera again, haven’t really taken a photo in some time, now I’m not one of those guys that you’ll see shooting in the snow dome, it’s just not me, I’ve only shot in a snow dome a couple of times when on the UK tour last august but the crew asked me to get some shots so was more than happy to.

The week after the movie premier was the London ski show, this was actually my first year that I’ve been to this, spent a lot of time chilling in the armada stand with everyone before hitting the after parties later on and waking up in some odd locations.

The last weekend of October was taken up by the London Freeze, I was pretty stoked for this over the summer, once I got there my stoke ran out pretty quickly due to the setup, it was really whack, at least from a media point of view, the athletes and, media was kept apart what really did not make any sense to me, ok the matey boy telegraph photographers don’t have any need to be near the athletes but for people like myself who are actually in the ski scene and use these events to get interviews and making contacts it was really crap. And then had a load of hassle getting to the jump then once I got up there was so many photographers that didn’t really know what they were doing to be honest, but you know whatever? I didn’t actually get to shoot the international finals, it was too much hassle to get anywhere, but here’s some shots from the day time. peace


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