So Far in Europe


So I’ve been in Europe now for three weeks and what a three weeks it’s been. I started my trip in Innsbruck, I spent the first week with Dominic Hasibeder, but the weather really crapped out for us, and then when it did start dumping in Austria Hasi had already had engagements so that really sucked. I ended up meeting up with a few guys from Freeski-Crew to hit a down curved rail what worked out pretty well for my first shoot of the season, looking forward to working with these guys more the future.

I was planning to stay in Innsbruck for a while after that to check out the Youth Olympics, but I sort of got kicked out of my hostel, so I ended up taking a trip to Munich, it was pretty cool, except I bought the wrong ticket, ticket guy was not stoked on that.  I spent a night in Munich before making my way to Dresden where I met up with Rob and Andy from Unity-Productions.

We drove to Krakow in Poland for an urban trip, last year we were unable to do anything in Krakow because of the lack of snow but this year looked like a different story. Ive spent the past week shooting handrails in Krakow with Andy Collin and George Walton and have had a really fun time.

The snow ended up going in Krakow so yesterday we made our way to Zakopane where it is DUMPING!!! So we’re going to shred some backcountry, before the Polish Freeski Open on Friday. My plans for the next few weeks are a bit up in the air but stoked on going to ispo again this year. Yeah….


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