Sunsets at Kronplatz


I was luck enough to go to Kronplatz this year to get some shooting done, I was wanting to shoot with Lukas Schafer all year but unfortunately he was injured, he is now back on his skis and killing it. The plan was to shoot in the Kronplatz park for a couple of days, with a sunset shoot on the first day. I had to travel from Innsbruck, Austria to Kronplatz, Italy, it took me longer then I expected it to. I arrived what I would call fashionable late, others, plan late. The session had already started by the time I got on the mountain, but I got straight to work with Lukas and Valentino Mori killing it.

This was my fist sunset shoot that I have done on a park shoot, and it went super well. The park has an awesome backdrop, which helps a lot when shooting in a park.

The next day we weren’t expecting to shoot in the park, the weather was meant to be cloudy and snowing. But when we woke up the next morning the sky was pretty clear so we were able to shoot the park again. We got a few hours shooting before the clouds came in and the light went. I’m super happy with some of the photos that I got and hopefully be back to Kronplatz soon.


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