The Season Comes To An End


A few weeks ago I made my way home, after a few amazing months in Europe, I was able to travel to some really cool places and met a lot of awesome people along the way. As an artist it has been a pretty successful season. I can see a massive leap in the quality of my work and every shoot I learnt something new and I was able to develop my style a lot. Now that my season is over, it is time to see if my business side was as successful. In the past year I have been working a lot with Unity-Productions on covering events and feature write ups, check all my work here 

I read something that Nate Abbott said, it basically said, whether these photos pays the bills or not, I will always cherish as a documentation of my life. And looking at my own outtakes I can say that I feel blessed to be a photographer, for this reason, so here is some photos from my season that explains my life, where I have been what I have seen and who I  have met along the way.

So now for summer time, I have a few personal projects that I want to work on myself, as well as some private shoots around the UK with Unity Productions. Black Label Project has been growing more over the past 6 months so I will also be putting a lot of work into that with everyone, so I’m pretty stoked but still counting the days till next year.


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