Summer Sessions


So my winter is now very much over, my editting finish, and my submissions mostly sent. Summer time!!! For most this means relaxing after a long season, for myself and the guys at Unity-Production, it gives us a chance to gather the last few shots for this years up and coming movie. Over the last month the UK riders have slowly been making their way back home, giving us a chance to get everyone together for a few private indoor/dryslope shoots.

Our first shot was a Castleford SnoZone, where they had built us a pretty rad little set up, with a down rail, down flat down and an up rail.

Everyone killed it and got some nice shots for the film, myself on the other hand had a shocker!!! I hate shooting in snow domes theres restrictions on what you can do, theres no backdrop and it just kind of annoys. Then it just started to get worst, when my pocket wizards decided to stop working every now and again and of course some one took one of my flashes out mid way through the night. In all it was the most frustrating shoot i have ever been on.

A couple of week later I found myself getting ready for another snow dome shoot and not feeling stoked about it. This shoot was a Milton Keynes and I wasn’t expecting much to come out of this shoot, but this dome had a lot more potential.

I had to keep everything super basic on the lighting, with only one flash gun and my strobe left to shoot with and it worked out a hell of a lot better, no cock ups it went pretty smoothly.



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