Unity Production Box Cover


So with the realise of Unity Production Twenty Twelve teaser, came the art work behind the movie. I was able to snag the cover for the box, and am really stoked with it. This shot was taken of George Walton on our trip in Poland in January. Its turned out to be one of my favourite photos of the season, for a number of reason. As i said this was taken on our trip to Poland, which was a super rad trip and like always I had a fun time there and was really able to progress my artistry quickly whilst on this trip.

Secondly getting this photo taught me a lesson. The night before shooting this feature i went out on a wild one and was super hung over the next day, I ended up leaving my connection cables back in the hostile, which meant I only had my strobe to light this photo. Normally I use a lot of flashes to light a photo up, so I pretty much decided that nothing was going to come out of this, I was too hung over and only had two flashes. But i played around with it tried a couple of different angles that diet really work out when I found this angle, to shoot the last hit of the session. Me and George was super happy about the outcome and stoke to have it as the cover.

A little update on what else is going on, autumn is nearly here so momentum for the new season is building, with a few events around the UK and of cause the Twenty Twelve film premieres through out October. Just starting to update my website so should have that done in a few weeks so keep your eyes out. Till next time peace.


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