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So I haven’t really been posting a lot over the summer, not a lot of has been going on, I’ve been working super hard on a few new projects from next year which I’m pretty stoked on. But in terms of shooting, it’s been quiet, but it is summer and I and in the UK […]

So last week i had my first bike session of the year, just getting back into shooting on dirt, after a few months of shooting in –oC carrying a 3 stone pack back, it was nice to be shooting in shorts with a light pack.

A Day At Kuoni


So about a week or so ago I got a phone call from my mate Chris asking me to go and session Kuoni, in Dorking. At first I wasn’t really going to go but after getting shouted at by the parents about some crap I soon decided to go, and I’m glad I did. Once […]

A bad month


So I haven’t really been doing alot since I got back from Sweden, my bank balance got raped with charges of internet and what not while i was out there, so during February  I decided to knuckle down with college work, but that didn’t really happen. I didn’t really get out shooting February I only […]

So basically I’ve just bought a whole lot of new equipment, and the plan was to go on an urban session with a few friends to try it out. So on Friday everything was set up for a night of riding, I had my new camera, lens and flash guns in my bag, when I […]