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So with the realise of Unity Production Twenty Twelve teaser, came the art work behind the movie. I was able to snag the cover for the box, and am really stoked with it. This shot was taken of George Walton on our trip in Poland in January. Its turned out to be one of my […]

Hey it is after a long winter traveling with the guys from Unity Productions from the streets of poland to the mountains In Livigno and everything in-between. Rob Embling has finally dropped the trailer for this years film check the full trailer our HERE

So I haven’t really been posting a lot over the summer, not a lot of has been going on, I’ve been working super hard on a few new projects from next year which I’m pretty stoked on. But in terms of shooting, it’s been quiet, but it is summer and I and in the UK […]

Quick Pic 11


Its been a long time since the last quick pic, this weekend i was meant to to in scotland shooting with Unity-Productions for the UK segment in this years film Twenty/12. but because a lot of riders pulled out we had to cancel the trip. so heres a photo from the first and last time […]

Summer Sessions


So my winter is now very much over, my editting finish, and my submissions mostly sent. Summer time!!! For most this means relaxing after a long season, for myself and the guys at Unity-Production, it gives us a chance to gather the last few shots for this years up and coming movie. Over the last […]

A few weeks ago I had an interview with Jamie Lawson about my season, Its ended up on downdays, along with some B-rolley photos. I’m pretty stoked about this, check it out here;

A few weeks ago I made my way home, after a few amazing months in Europe, I was able to travel to some really cool places and met a lot of awesome people along the way. As an artist it has been a pretty successful season. I can see a massive leap in the quality […]

Ok so absoult progression finished last week and ive been waiting to post this, but I wanted to wait till the judging was over, so here we are. Because of the bad weather we had experienced the event organizers agreed to adding a fourth day.  We had great weather for this day, which allowed everyone […]

So the third day pretty much started off like the first two day, with crappy weather. I had pretty much called it a day when the sky started to clear and it turned out to be a pretty nice day. The rest of the day I spent shooting in the rails at in the top […]

So the second day of Absolut Progression has finished, not much to really say. I arrived a little late yesterday to find the conditions was pretty poor, it was super foggy and last night it started to dump it down. Today hasn’t got any better, so haven’t really been able to get anything done. Hopefully […]