I was luck enough to go to Kronplatz this year to get some shooting done, I was wanting to shoot with Lukas Schafer all year but unfortunately he was injured, he is now back on his skis and killing it. The plan was to shoot in the Kronplatz park for a couple of days, with a sunset shoot on the first day. I had to travel from Innsbruck, Austria to Kronplatz, Italy, it took me longer then I expected it to. I arrived what I would call fashionable late, others, plan late. The session had already started by the time I got on the mountain, but I got straight to work with Lukas and Valentino Mori killing it.

This was my fist sunset shoot that I have done on a park shoot, and it went super well. The park has an awesome backdrop, which helps a lot when shooting in a park.

The next day we weren’t expecting to shoot in the park, the weather was meant to be cloudy and snowing. But when we woke up the next morning the sky was pretty clear so we were able to shoot the park again. We got a few hours shooting before the clouds came in and the light went. I’m super happy with some of the photos that I got and hopefully be back to Kronplatz soon.


After my trip to Livigno, I travelled to Czech Republic for the O’Neil Czech Freeski Soldiers. The park sharpers done a top job on the jump, it was huge!!! Here’s on write up on the event on the Unity-Productions website.

After the event the Unity and Black Label Project Crew stayed around for a private shoot. The jump had already claimed Hector Barbour during the event, putting stitches in his arm and bruising his knee. During the warm up Sam Tomlinson went huge and landed near the bottom of thelanding, hurting his knee to bad to jump, which just left Nathan Connolly and Joe Tomlinson.

The guys were getting into it and put down some big tricks, when Joe Tomlinson blow his knee out on a switch dub 9. This ended out time in Czech with a low, best wishes to Tomo on a speedy recovery.

Livigno part 2


So I’ve been in Livigno for the last week, shooting with Unity-Productions. The weather hasn’t been the best with only a couple days shooting on the kickers so far, but the days we did get where awesome. We have four riders, Nathan Connolly, and three new riders to the crew Cal, Hector and Sam. The boys have been throwing down and great atmosphere on the mountain. We have few more days left here and trying to sort out a sunrise shoot in the Mottolino park, then we’re going to set off to pick Tomo up from Innsbruck and start yet another long ass drive to Czech Republic to shoot and film on the Czech Soldiers kicker, you there may be another update soon. For now check out some of the outtakes from the shoots.

Livigno part 1


So as some of you may know I’ve spent the last few weeks in the UK counting down the days till I got back to Europe. On Tuesday i finally started my journey to Livigno with Andy Collin from Unity-Productions. It took us nearly 24 hours to get to Livigno, with a few sleep stops and of course the german police pulling us over. But we finally made it. I got my first day shooting on the mountain today with Nathan Connolly, Hector Barbour and Cal Sandieson, with Andy Collin filming for Unity. Got some Plans for this week so keep a look out for the updates.

Whats new


Ok so i thought that I’d just let you know whats been going on since last month. Last time I wrote here i was in Poland, with Unity Productions, we finished off the trip shortly after my last blog, HERE’S a write up on the Unity Productions site. afterwards we went to the Polish Freeski Open, were I shot this ARTICLE for Unity. We then all headed to munich for the ISPO, to check out next years gear and gave me a chance to meet some people and show off some of my work. I’m currently in the UK now until next Friday, then I’m finally going to be back in Europe shooting and can’t wait!!! Heres a shot fro the PFO of Jonas Hunziker.

So I’ve been in Europe now for three weeks and what a three weeks it’s been. I started my trip in Innsbruck, I spent the first week with Dominic Hasibeder, but the weather really crapped out for us, and then when it did start dumping in Austria Hasi had already had engagements so that really sucked. I ended up meeting up with a few guys from Freeski-Crew to hit a down curved rail what worked out pretty well for my first shoot of the season, looking forward to working with these guys more the future.

I was planning to stay in Innsbruck for a while after that to check out the Youth Olympics, but I sort of got kicked out of my hostel, so I ended up taking a trip to Munich, it was pretty cool, except I bought the wrong ticket, ticket guy was not stoked on that.  I spent a night in Munich before making my way to Dresden where I met up with Rob and Andy from Unity-Productions.

We drove to Krakow in Poland for an urban trip, last year we were unable to do anything in Krakow because of the lack of snow but this year looked like a different story. Ive spent the past week shooting handrails in Krakow with Andy Collin and George Walton and have had a really fun time.

The snow ended up going in Krakow so yesterday we made our way to Zakopane where it is DUMPING!!! So we’re going to shred some backcountry, before the Polish Freeski Open on Friday. My plans for the next few weeks are a bit up in the air but stoked on going to ispo again this year. Yeah….



I’ve just finished packing for the season starting on monday pretty stoked right now got some cool plans for the winter and can’t wait to spend more then a couple weeks out in europe at one time. Theres nothing thats really happened in the past month to show you photo wise. But i did get my first sponsor shot for Klints Skis, a shot from Freeze as well. should have a lot of cool stuff to show you guys in the next month or so. Peace.

Hey guy, last week I got to hang out at Black Label Project head office, where the products are made, it was a super fun day, we got to talking about the company and where we want it to head, this brands going to be big in the next couple of years. I was also able to shoot a look book, what ive been wanting to do for some time check it out – http://issuu.com/blacklabelproject/docs/blp 

Slideshow 10/11


So about a few weeks ago i got a little bored and through a slideshow together and well here it is, no photos in this blog kinda sucks but yeah….. check this out


it was a busy few weeks in October time for myself, signs of the ski season are starting to show, it’s snowing in parts of Europe, for me back in London there’s defiantly no snow or even any real signs of winter. thankfully the ski scene has started to move a bit, October is defiantly the busiest month for me whilst in the UK. in the early weeks of October Unity Productions was on tour with their new movie Strictly Business, I was able to meet up with the crew at Hemel for a long catch up, shred and got to watch the movie so was pretty stoked on the night. the premier also gave me the chance to pick up the camera again, haven’t really taken a photo in some time, now I’m not one of those guys that you’ll see shooting in the snow dome, it’s just not me, I’ve only shot in a snow dome a couple of times when on the UK tour last august but the crew asked me to get some shots so was more than happy to.

The week after the movie premier was the London ski show, this was actually my first year that I’ve been to this, spent a lot of time chilling in the armada stand with everyone before hitting the after parties later on and waking up in some odd locations.

The last weekend of October was taken up by the London Freeze, I was pretty stoked for this over the summer, once I got there my stoke ran out pretty quickly due to the setup, it was really whack, at least from a media point of view, the athletes and, media was kept apart what really did not make any sense to me, ok the matey boy telegraph photographers don’t have any need to be near the athletes but for people like myself who are actually in the ski scene and use these events to get interviews and making contacts it was really crap. And then had a load of hassle getting to the jump then once I got up there was so many photographers that didn’t really know what they were doing to be honest, but you know whatever? I didn’t actually get to shoot the international finals, it was too much hassle to get anywhere, but here’s some shots from the day time. peace