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I was luck enough to go to Kronplatz this year to get some shooting done, I was wanting to shoot with Lukas Schafer all year but unfortunately he was injured, he is now back on his skis and killing it. The plan was to shoot in the Kronplatz park for a couple of days, with […]

Just a few photos from my travels to Czech. This was a really cool kicker and the only park setup i actually got to shoot on this season., its not everyday i get to shoot without gloves or t-shirt. I’m not sure when im going to be able to shoot again working 7 days a […]

Quick Pic 8


  Just a quick shotfrom the Czech Freeski Soldiers. keen your eyes on this space, I’ve got a lot planned this week. Holla

Quick pic


So let’s face it since my trip to Sweden, I have been finding it to write on my blog, mainly due to college work and just finding something new to shoot during my spare time. Now college is over with I have a lot more free time to do as I please. I’m going to […]

A bad month


So I haven’t really been doing alot since I got back from Sweden, my bank balance got raped with charges of internet and what not while i was out there, so during February  I decided to knuckle down with college work, but that didn’t really happen. I didn’t really get out shooting February I only […]

So my main goal when going to Sweden was to build my portfolio and to land a 540. I didn’t really have a lot of luck with the 540 and for most of the trip the weather didn’t help me with my portfolio. For the first two days it was pretty clear with some clouds […]